About me

If I could play the trumpet, I'd blow it here.

 Bass player, songwriter, composer.

Hannah Pashley is a Bassist located in central London, UK. She started playing professionally in 2014, and her passion for her instrument led to her studying music full-time at West Kent College, leading onto her studying an undergraduate Bass performance degree at The Academy of Contemporary Music. 

Working with various functions bands across London and southern UK including Studio33 and Central Vibe, these opportunities led to studio and session work, as well as playing for numerous public and private events. Venues include The V&A, The Tunbridge Wells Forum and One Park Crescent. Events include Charlton Park Fest, Clapham High Street Christmas Lights and The Vicars Picnic. This then enabled Hannah to work with more established self-releasing Artists such as Ruby Robinson, Pink Haze and NRSI.

Hannah draws her stylistic influences from various musicians including Esperanza Spalding, Jaco Pastorius and Michael League, whilst using a wide range of electric bass guitars including Fender, Hofner and Ibanez. These instruments, as well as her advanced technical ability, enable her to be versatile within her work, and to curate the appropriation of her sound and performance. 

After finishing her degree, Hannah has established herself as a musician, songwriter, and arranger.

She will be debuting her first EP, “ikigai” in July 2021.


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